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CJD educational video

The film that educates about CJD and other prion diseases now available!

CJD Educationnal DVD cover

This one-hour film clip contains a comprehensive consideration of the different forms of prion disorders: sporadic, familial, and acquired. Clinical features are reviewed through patient presentations and comments by family members. The uses and limitations of various diagnostic tests are presented. Pathogenesis, transmission, and epidemiology are explained.
The program also confronts the “fear factor,” the myths and misconceptions that surround these disorders, and the surveillance mechnisms that have been established to help safeguard public health. It also includes a consideration of how the medical profession may best serve the needs of afflicted patients and their families; how to access the resources available for assistance and support, and how to submit specimens for diagnosis and research.
For more convenience, the film is available in three sizes for slow, medium and fast Internet connections. To view the video, simply choose one of the following links:

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