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Documentation related to prions

[BOOK] Mad Cow Disease - The Risks for Humans

It has been known officially since 1996, that mad cow disease can be transmitted to humans. This disease appeared following a change in the manufacture of meat-and-bone meal processes. What were the real effects of this meat and bone meal in the propagation of the infectious agent and what dangers does it continue to pose?
Can we eat meat and beef products? Is blood transfusion risk-free? Can the environment be contaminated? What measures have been taken and which screening programmes have been implemented to protect the health of consumers?
Mad Cow Disease - The Risks to Humans is a book published in 2001 by Flammarion edition. Written by Dr Jean-Philippe Deslys, Director of the Prion Research Group at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and Prof. André Picot, Mad Cow Disease - The Risks for Humans is a book for anyone interested in knowing more about prion diseases.
You can download the book for free (you can click as well on the picture).

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