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France - CEA

SEPIA assignments

  • To develop and assess research strategies in order to answer public health concerns linked to prions and other similar diseases.
  • To assess the risks for human and animal health linked to prions.
  • To carry out research on diagnosis, pathogenesis, decontamination and therapeutic of prion diseases.
  • To study common mechanisms with the Alzheimer disease and the other neurodegenerative diseases.

Industrial laboratories welcoming NeuroPrion platform

A unique pre-clinical research platform has been built at the CEA, Fontenayaux- roses, France. 4300 m2 dedicated to the research on prions and related diseases with more than 1300 m2 of high security level (BSL3) laboratories and animal care facilities.
This platform is an optimal setup for welcoming industrial laboratories in the field of biotechnologies, for the development of ante mortem diagnosis methods, therapy, know-how and risk prevention for public health and the environment with a particular interest for the blood transfusion safety. The Industrial laboratories welcomed on the platform benefit from the legal expertise of the CEA and its link with the European Union.

Industrial partnerships

The NeuroPrion platform facilitates the formation of public/private partnerships as it can welcome industrial laboratories of R&D that benefit from accessing the high level security laboratories of the platform. As such,
LFB, Steris, and MacoPharma collaborate with NeuroPrion on projects of contamination risks and decontamination technologies, which are financed by the competitiveness pole Medicen and the French National Agency for Research.

The Alliance BioSecure foundation

Industrial laboratories also have access to a strong interaction with public research thanks to the Foundation “Alliance BioSecure”, present on the platform, which places high-technology equipment (high-performance cell sorter, inversed confocal microscope in BSL3 conditions) at the disposal of the researchers of the platform.
The public utility foundation Alliance BioSecure’s mission is to provide the means for better analysis, comprehension and control of the public health risks linked to present or emergent microbiological agents, including prions.
It attempts to guarantee the durability of the European research on prions and more generally on pathogenic agents which could exert a strong impact on public health and have major economical consequences.
Click here to go to the official Alliance BioSecure foundation website.