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Research activities

The research activities of the Network

NeuroPrion has identified areas where greater coordination of research would be beneficial and others where novel and applied research is needed. Based on these assessments, NeuroPrion has implemented a joint programme of activities which is built on the following four research thematics: PREVENTION, TREATMENT, CONTROL and RISK.



  • Decontamination
  • Diagnosis
  • Differentiation of strains


  • Development of new drugs
  • Definition of new therapeutic targets


  • Human and animal surveillance
  • Human and animal banks of tissue


  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Factors

More details on these 4 research thematics are available here or by clicking on the temple picture.

Documentation on Prion and NeuroPrion

Prion publications from NeuroPrion partners

You can download by year, with the following links, the publications from NeuroPrion partners on prion: