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National University of Ireland, Dublin

National University of Ireland, Dublin


Dr. Mark Rogers


Team Leader: Dr. Mark Rogers
Dublin 4, , Ireland
Contact: Dr. Mark Rogers
Tel: +35 317162197
Fax: +35 317161152
Institute website:

Main area of research

  • Development of Novel methods for assessing infection in cell culture
  • Assessing potential targets for therapy

Research Team

  • Researchers: 3
  • Technicians: 1
  • Postdocs: 0
  • PhD/MD Students: 2

Facilities and Equipment

  • Laboratories: BSL1, BSL2
  • General equipment: Cell Biology, Cell culture, Molecular biology, Imaging
  • Special equipment: Wallac 1420 Multilabel reader
  • Specific methods: Modified Scrapie Cell assay, Flow Cytometry assay

Main references

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  • Rogers, M., Yehiely, F., Scott, M., and Prusiner, S. B. (1993) Conversion of truncated and elongated prion proteins into the scrapie isoform in cultured cells. Proceedings of the National Academy Sciences U S A 90:3182-3186.
  • Rogers, M., Serban, D., Gyuris, T., Scott, M., Torchia, T., and Prusiner, S. B. (1991) Epitope mapping of the Syrian hamster prion protein utilizing chimeric and mutant genes in a vaccinia virus expression system. Journal of Immunology 147:3568-3574.

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