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Centraal Instituut voor Dierziekte Controle-Lelystad

Centraal Instituut voor Dierziekte Controle-Lelystad




Team Leader: Alex BOSSERS
Edelhertweg 15
Lelystad, 8219 PH, The Netherlands
Contact: Dr. Jan Langeveld
Tel: +312 320 238238
Fax: +312 320 238153
Institute website:

Main area of research

  • Ruminant TSEs surveillance & diagnosis
  • Epidemiology & risk
  • Prion biology and genetics

Research Team Picture

Research Team

  • Researchers: 7
  • Technicians: 9
  • Postdocs: -
  • PhD/MD Students: 1

Facility Picture

Facilities and Equipment

  • Laboratories: BSL1, BSL2, BSL3
  • General equipment: Microbiology, Cell culture, Pathology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Molecular biology, Histology, Epidemiology, Risk assessment
  • Special equipment: Typhoon imager, PMCA equipment, monoclonal production facilities, microarraying, multiplexing, Ciphergen instrumentation, Pepscan system in short reach
  • Specific methods: sheep micro array, epitope mapping, PrP-conversion technology, PVDF-binding assays, PrPres removal

Main references

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