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Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria

Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria

#27 - Centro de Investigación en Sanidad Animal (CISA-INIA).


Team Leader: Dr. Juan Maria Torres
Carretera de Algete a El Casar Km. 8,1 S/N
Valdeolmos (Madrid), 28130, Spain
Contact: Dr. Juan Maria Torres
Tel: +34 916202300
Fax: +34 916202247
Institute website:

Main area of research

  • Prion transmission barrier
  • Biological and biochemical characteristics of prion strains
  • Bioassays for prion replication: Transgenic mice and culture cell models

Research Team

  • Researchers: 3
  • Technicians: 5
  • Postdocs: 2
  • PhD/MD Students: 3

Facilities and Equipment

  • Laboratories: BSL3
  • General equipment: Cell Biology, Cell culture, Neurobiology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology

Main references

  • Castilla, J., Gutiérrez Adán, A., Brun, A., Pintado, B., Parra, B., Ramírez, M.A., Salguero, J., Díaz San Segundo, F., Rabano, A., Cano, MJ and Torres, JM. “Differential behaviour to BSE infection in bovine PrP transgenic mice with one extra repeat octapeptide insert mutation”. Journal of Neuroscience 24(9): 2156-2164 (2004).
  • Castilla, J., Gutiérrez Adán, A., Brun, A., Pintado, B., Salguero, F. J., Parra, B., Díaz San-Segundo, F., Ramírez, M. A., Doyle, D., Rogers, M., Sánchez-Vizcaíno, J. M. and Torres, J. M. “Subclinical BSE infection in transgenic mice expressing porcine PrPC “. Journal of Neuroscience 24(21):5063-5069 (2004).
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  • J. C. Espinosa, M. Morales, J. Castilla, M. Rogers and J. M. Torres. Progression of prion infectivity in asymptomatic cattle after oral bovine spongiform encephalopathy challenge. J Gen Virol 88: 1379-1383 (2007).
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  • Martin Sergio F., Burón Isabel, Espinosa Juan C., Castilla Joaquín, Villalba José M. and Torres Juan M. Coenzyme Q and protein/lipid oxidation in a BSE-infected transgenic mouse model. Free Radical Biology & Medicine 42: 1723–1729 (2007)

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